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Doctor of Philosophy


College of Education and International Services


Leadership PhD

First Advisor

Tevni Grajalas Guerra

Second Advisor

Maximina Contreras

Third Advisor

Guillermo Mamani Apaza



The Seventh Day Adventist church in the South American Division, promotes teamwork among its members through the small groups; even though a high percentage of church members are involved in the small groups not all of the members involved achieve a high level of participation. The purpose of this study is to find what relationship exists between authentic leadership, level of satisfaction and level of commitment in the participation of members in their small group in the East Peruvian Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church during the year of 2015.


The type of this research is descriptive and correlational of predicting, and from the point of view for the application in the time was cross-sectional (transversal). A survey of 4 parts was applied to evaluate: authentic leadership, level of satisfaction, level of compromise and level of participation. The sample is of 155 members randomly chosen from the 616 small groups of the East Peruvian Mission during the year of 2015.


From the results, it has been found that the satisfaction variable has a predictive association with a typified coefficient value β of 0.105 (t = 2.218, p =0.028). In addition, the predictive force of the satisfaction variable over participation can be observed as 17.4%. The variable of compromise is predictive with a typified coefficient value β de 0.721 (t = 6.192, p =0.000). In addition the predictive force of the variable of compromise over participation is of 48.7%. Finally from the model 2, it is observed the authentic leadership variable has no predictive force because the p =0.269 which is higher of the alfa of 0.05.


From the results it is concluded that the level of participation is associated with the degree of satisfaction and more meaningfully with the degree of commitment shown by the members of the small group, however the leadership is excluded because it does not present a significant evidence to explain the variability of the level of participation. And also it is predicted that: Per each degree that increases the satisfaction and commitment, the degree of participation is increased by 0.105 and 0.721 respectively.

Subject Area

Small groups--Religious aspects--Seventh-day Adventists; Small groups--Research--Peru; Christian leadership; Participation; East Peru Mission of Seventh-day Adventists; General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. South American Division. South Peru Union Mission. East Peru Mission