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Doctor of Education


Higher Education Administration EdD

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Edward A. Streeter

Second Advisor

Werner K. Vyhmeister

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Eduardo Ocampo


Problem. The first Seventh-day Adventist educational institution in South America was River Plate College, Entre Rios, Argentina, founded in 1898. After eighty-three years the school has grown considerably and has developed into a full-fledged college. Until now there has been no comprehensive written history of this school. This lack has been a problem for the college in the past.

Method. This study utilized the documentary-historical method of research. Important information regarding River Plate College contained in books, periodical articles, school bulletins, board minutes, school reports, correspondence, and other documents pertaining to the history, development, and operation o£ the college are utilized.

Conclusions. The conclusions reached in this study are as follows:

1. River Plate College was established in order to solve a deep spiritual need of the early Adventist believers of Argentina. They desired their children to receive a Christian education, to be fully converted, and to become workers in the Seventh-day Adventist church.

2. River Plate College was established by Adventist believers residing in Argentina with donations given by themselves.

3. An important characteristic of River Plate College was the spiritual atmosphere that permeated all the activities of the school. The example given by the teachers' lives was large the means by which students learned to be Christians. Until 1950, 70.43 percent of the college's graduates entered church work.

4. Innovations that River Plate College introduced in the Argentine educational system Include (1) a school curriculum in which education was provided through both manual labor and academic means, and (2) coeducation as a means to promote better development of the social aspect of the students' personalities.

5. A knowledge of the history of River Plate College could well be a source of inspiration for young Christians as they seek to know more of the faith, self-denial, and dedication of Adventist believers connected with the early days of River Plate College.


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