Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association

Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association



The Adventist Human Subject Researchers Association (AHSRA) was formally organized in the fall of 2013 with the sponsorship of the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics and Research.

ASHRA 2024 will be held at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, May 22-25, 2024. For more information click here.

AHSRA’s purpose is to (a) to provide a meeting ground where human-subject researchers studying matters relating to Seventh-day Adventists are able to confer concerning all matters of common interest; (b) to provide assistance to the Church in accomplishing its mission in, for example, such human-subject research areas as spiritual needs of youth, impact of Adventist beliefs/practices on life quality/chances, strategies for discipling and retention, and strengthening Adventist families; (c) to organize regular meetings of the association; (d) to provide a body of peer reviewers for major research initiatives that involve human subjects; (e) to provide mentorship for less experienced researchers to become involved in well-planned publishable research endeavors; (f) to provide opportunities for new collaborations which combine interests of association members which would allow for larger scale research projects; and (g) to provide professional development opportunities to its members (About AHSRA).


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2024: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
2023: Adventist University of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
2022: Advent Health
2021: Andrews University
2020: Andrews University
2019: Oakwood University
2018: Andrews University