Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications



Submissions from 2016


Footnotes: Department of History & Political Science, Andrews University

Submissions from 2015

Gross versus net metabolic rate: Which should be used when determining the speed of the minimum cost of transport for human walking?, Marcella Myers, K. Steudel-Numbers, and C. Wall-Scheffler

Submissions from 2014

The Way: Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration in Paris and Their Journal, 1925-1940, John Jovan Markovic

Thermoregulatory and mobility consequences for reproductive age women carrying loads in an indigenous pack basket, Marcella Myers, M. Lovstad, A. Kennedy, and C. Wall-Scheffler


Review of Francoise Briegel, Negocier la Defense: Plaider Pour les Criminels au Siecle des Lumieres a Geneve (Geneva: Librairie Droz, 2013), Brian E. Strayer

Romans Were Known for Their Aquaducks: And Other Gems of Wit and Wisdom in Western Civilization, Brian E. Strayer

Submissions from 2013


Lover or Seducer?, John Markovic


Leading by Default: Perspectives and Challenges for Germany in Its Reluctant EU Leadership Role.”, Marcella Myers

Teaching and Learning about "the other" in immigration, Marcella Myers

The Effects of Redistributive Conflicts on Immigrations” in Immigration”, Marcella Myers

Self-selected walking speed as a function of load in reproductive age women carrying an indigenous pack basket, Marcella Myers and M. Lovstad

Evolutionary consequences of the reproduction-locomotion nexus on human sexual dimorphism, Marcella Myers and C. Wall-Scheffler

Reproductive Costs for Everyone: How Female Loads Impact Human Mobility Strategies, Marcella Myers and C. Wall-Scheffler

J. N. Loughborough: The Last of the Adventist Pioneers, Brian E. Strayer

Submissions from 2012

SheWalking II: Beasts of Burden, Marcella Myers

Sex differences in the stride frequency of walking while carrying a toddler manikin, Marcella Myers, A. Fasnacht, and C. Wall-Scheffler

Is female morphology selected for economy and male morphology selected for efficiency? Evidence from studies on humans, Marcella Myers and C. Wall-Scheffler

Submissions from 2007

Investigative Labs in Biology: The Importance of Attending to Team Dynamics, Martha Phillips, Lynne Gildensoph, Marcella Myers, Cynthia Norton, Andrea Olson, Kathleen Tweeten, and Deborah Wygal

Animating a Biology Curriculum with Research, Kathleen Tweeten, Marcella Myers, Lynne Gildensoph, Cynthia Norton, Deborah Wygal, Martha Phillips, John Pellegrini, and Jill Welter

Books from 2000

Teaching History: A Seventh-day Adventist Approach, Gary Land