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March 30, 2017

On March 30, 2017, the Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Department at Andrews University will host its 15th annual conference. The AUTLC invites proposals for papers, posters, and best practice demonstrations from university faculty, PreK-12 teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, and other education professionals. This year’s conference theme is Woolly Teaching or Wholly Teaching? Interrogating the Tried, the Tired, and the True.

The keynote speak this year will be Maria Salazar, associate professor and Director of Teacher Education at the University of Denver. Dr. Salazar's areas of expertise include teacher preparation, assessment, and professional development for culturally and linguistically diverse learners; meeting the needs of English language learners in K-12 settings; and college access, readiness, and success for Latina/o students.

On-site or online presentations of scholarly work will allow scholars to share reports of significant work or integrative reviews in theory, research, development, applications, and societal issues related to all aspects of education. Best Practices session presenters will discuss and demonstrate strategies, techniques, or solutions to common issues in education. This will be an opportunity to inform attendees about the lessons learned and future plans from those who have designed, developed, and implemented education in effective and/or innovative ways. Individuals and groups can submit proposals. During the submission process, participants will have the opportunity to select their length of presentations, which will be 25 or 50 minutes.


Please register for the event here: Registration Form.

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