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Fall 2016


A few years ago, I interviewed a freshman student for a position that I wasn’t able to offer him. But I walked away from the process believing that somehow I had to find a way to work with him. Even though he was new he was exceptionally gifted, super passionate and peculiar.

Peculiar isn’t a word that we often think of in positive or endearing ways. We think it's odd, or unattractive, or something to be set aside and discarded. Not so with me. Peculiar means ‘look closer there is likely something very special and distinctively alluring just underneath the beautiful.’ I see it as an invitation to dig deeper because I will likely be blessed by what I encounter. When it came to Zack Babb, I was right.

Zack is uniquely gifted in approaching problems and opportunities in ways that are uncommon. By looking at things differently he is creating intellectual and spiritual space to create, innovate and dream in ways that would never cross my mind. With his unique ability of weaving a fabric of different ideas, he came back to Andrews University from a year abroad with a project that will offer more of the world a more complete picture of who God is. Zack and his story are part of the spirit of Andrews.

Jose Bourget Associate Chaplain

First Department

Religion and Biblical Languages