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Master of Arts


Leadership, MA

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Afonso Ligorio Cardoso

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Everson Muckenberger

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Gustavo Gregorutti



This present action-research analyses the absence of participation of youth leaders from the Brazilian East Union (ULB) in social networks and propose an action plan to promote the participation of these leaders in social networks, in order to facilitate communication, strengthen bonds, and to make stronger ties with the new generations.


During the action-research process, dialogs and seminars were developed with the participation of thirty (30) youth leaders of the ULB. The instrument used for data collection was a semi-structured interview and applied the content analysis technique. The theorical references that support the actions and analyses relied on the studies of Bardin (1997), Bergamini (2009), Castell (2004), Kellerman (2012), Lévy (1997), Prensky (2001), Recuero (2009), and Thiollent (2009b).


It is concluded that the main causes of non-participation of youth leaders on social networks are: lack of preparation for the proper way of using networks, fear of exposure and the perception that is a waste of time.


At the end of the actions it was possible to observe an increase in participation of youth leaders in social networks and the positive effects to the organizations. Lastly, this work presents a reflexion that may be useful as basis to other simillar initiatives, not only in a religious institution, but also in other social organizations.

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Social networks, Youth, East Brazil Union Mission

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