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Master of Arts


Leadership, MA

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Everson Mückenberger

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Afonso Ligório Cardoso

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Silas Marques



This study sought to propose actions to improve the internship program in the curriculum plan in the Business course of a private higher educational institute (HEI) in the countryside of São Paulo, from the analysis of the expectations of students and organizations involved in the students’ admission to the Job Market.


To serve this purpose, a research-action was performed in three steps: analysis, intervention and evaluation. In the first stage, conducting interviews with those involved enabled us to understand the needs of the students, identify their expectations for the HEI, and what they are looking for in this internship. It also sought to visualize the reality of HEI and the Job Market's expectations for the student.


It was possible to identify students’ main expectations in relation to the HEI, understand the Job Market expectations, which showed the importance of students’ behavioral, ethical and political skills and the work methodology practiced by the HEI.


Based on this analysis, it was possible to prepare the intervention plan developed during the research. The most relevant actions were aimed at improving internal communication on the documentation flow to validate the internship. The process was mapped and disseminated to all of those concerned. A recruiter company gave a lecture intended for students, and all who were present were registered in the database to receive places available in the area.

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Internship programs, Job hunting, Employees--Recruiting, Business schools

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