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Everson Mückenberger

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Sylvia Gonzalez



To characterize and evaluate the profile of theology course trainees in Brazil as compared to the profile required for the exercise of pastoral ministry in the UNoB.


Research of a qualitative nature, carried out by means of structured interviews with undergraduated students of the Latin American Theology Seminary (Seminário Latino Americano de Teologia–SALT) in a total of 11 interviews with students who are Brazilian, both married and unmarried, born into the church or converted. Data from the registrar offices of the associations and institutions that compose the UNoB were also consulted.


The interviewees had left professional careers or had arrived directly from middle school. During the course, they were faced with financial difficulties. They demonstrated that they were well versed in the practices and doctrines as well as aware of the mission to which they had dedicated themselves. There is a general consensus of mission and sacrifice though some confusion related to distinguishing the functions in regards to the profiles of the pastor and the missionary. Few were willing to submit to the mission field. They have a practical vision of the future and understand that they may even dissociate themselves from the intended ideal however they believe that God will take care of them if they are faithful. Family appears to be a deciding factor in the choice and permanence in mission fields and, if there are issues in the family relationship, there is a pre-disposition to leave the region in order to preserve the stability of the family.


In light of the profile presented, a questionnaire was elaborated as an instrument of selection and hiring of pastors by the UNoB. The necessity of interviewing the wife of the candidate was also indicated, due to the strong influence of the family in the decision to remain in the mission fields or not.

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Clergy--Brazil--Training of, Religious education--Brazil, Seventh-day Adventists--Clergy, Latin-American Adventist Theological Seminary, Northwest Brazil Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists

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