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Master of Divinity


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Master of Divinity, MDiv: Church History

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Jerry Moon

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Martin Hanna

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Merlin D. Burt


How should we relate to people in the church who adamantly disagree with us personally or with a commonly accepted position? How do we support what is admirable about controversial leaders while still disagreeing with the way they express some of their views? Deeper than just how we argue with people we disagree with, how do we deal with leaders who are simply disagreeable? Ellen G. White’s own life and works show several examples of how she responded to church leaders in conflict, showcasing principles that we can use today to argue without being argumentative.

My goal for this paper is to distill principles from Adventist history that we can apply to Adventism in the present, relating to conflict and differing views. This is not about settling today’s arguments nor about rehashing the arguments of the past but rather about framing the way we discuss current issues in ways that are helpful and supported by Ellen White’s practice and teaching.

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White, Ellen Gould Harmon, 1827-1915--Views on leadership, Conflict management, Christian leadership

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