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Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Religion, MA: Old Testament


Does Daniel 8:14 have an eschatological application? This is the problem considered in this thesis. A survey of scholarly works of exegesis in the field of Daniel 8 makes it quite evident that the majority of commentators through the centuries have limited the application of the prophecy to Maccabean times. In the nineteenth century a host of interpreters came to the conclusion that Daniel 8 was of special significance for their own age, and these writers stressed the belief of many post-Reformation scholars that Rome rather than Antiochus fulfilled the specifications of the little horn, and that the 2300 days were so many years. Seventh-day Adventists grew out of this new emphasis in interpretation, and they have laid claim to a unique origin foretold by the latter-day prophecy of Daniel.


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Bible. Daniel 8:14 -- Criticism, interpretation, etc

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