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The time of Second Advent of Jesus Christ has been of interest to His followers throughout the Christian age, and from time to time, some have gone so far as to fix a date for the event. In doing so, they have looked to Bible prophecies for a clue to the time of Christ's return. Perhaps the outstanding period of date-setting was during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. During that time, there was a general advent awakening throughout the world. This was very marked in America where we find prophecy used during the revivals of the 1840's in an effort to determine the exact date. The fact that He did not come at the time appointed has caused the Christian world to look with disdain upon those who tried in recent years, to determine the date of Christ's return.

The purpose of this study has been to investigate the setting of dates, in America, for the second coming of Christ during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, endeavoring to ascertain what prophecies were used in determining the date, and how these prophecies were interpreted.


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Second Advent, End of the World

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