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Master of Divinity


Master of Divinity, MDiv: Theology

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Darius Jankiewicz


The Problem. Both hierarchicalist and equivalentist evangelicals use Trinitarian relations to argue for their opposing views on gender roles. How can this stalemate be broken if the Bible, the typical evangelical foundation for resolving doctrinal disputes, is used by both sides to argue their contrasting positions? -- Methods and Procedures. I explored the cultural determination of worldview, bringing the fields of sociology, psychology, history, and philosophy to bear on this theological debate and considered whether it may be differing presuppositions and subsequent opposing interpretations that cause the conflicting positions, rather than what the biblical text means. By looking through the eyes of experts in this mix of fields, I gained insight on the development and impact of gender presuppositions in regard to role stratification in the conceptualization of the Trinity. -- Findings. I found that culturally determined presuppositions seem to be at the root of the disagreement. It would seem that the divine is being conceptualized and stratified according to contemporary human society. Until each side of the debate can understand their presuppositions and recognize the extent to which they are creating God in their image, constructive dialogue will be limited and I project that the debate will continue passionately and divisively.

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God., Trinity., Gender expression.

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