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Master of Arts


Religion, MA: Archaeology

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Randall W. Younker


The Problem. Buildings excavated in Tell Jalul have been studied separately for the last twenty years. However, until the present moment, no comprehensive study has been conducted. Therefore, this thesis will discuss the architecture of the main edifications found in Tell Jalul from 1992 to 2012. -- The Method. For this project, the ruins found in fields A, B, C, D, G and W were considered. First, a literature review was done to find similar structures in Jordan and the neighboring areas and their basic features. Then, a three-dimensional reconstruction of the ruins was suggested. The reconstruction was made in AutoCad 2013, software widely used for engineering, based on the two-dimensional drawings previously prepared. -- The Results. Parallels to the majority of the constructions were found, making it possible to compare them and suggest a reconstruction and possible implications. In addition, a three-dimensional model was made of each individual building and also of the entire tell with the studied constructions. -- Conclusions. It was possible to conclude that Jalul was a significant site in different periods of history. The size and complexity of the constructions point to a centralized power. However, the tell does not have large enough structures to be a royal city, nor is it small enough to fit in the village description.

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Archaeology, Ancient., Architecture--Jordan--Tell Jalul.

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