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Master of Arts


Theological Seminary


Religion, MA: Old Testament

First Advisor

J. Bjornar Storfjell


Purpose Sequential listing of and HDIO from the Masoretic Text of Exod 25-40 reveals discrete and unique use patterns. Historical and contemporary analyses of the terms and their contexts reveal inadequate explanation. This study seeks within the text for an explanation of these use patterns. Methodology Terms are limited, history of analysis is considered, and the etymologies of and SilX are determined from lexical, Ugaritic, and Septuagintal sources. Literary structural analysis is used to analyze the context of the terms. Conclusions The term appears in constructional contexts (manufacture and assembly of the physical Mosaic Structure) where it has the meaning dwelling place with connotations of impermanence and immanence. The phrase “ipiO appears in cult-functional contexts (the cultic function of the Mosaic Structure) where it has the meaning of tent of assembly with the connotation of relationship.