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Master of Divinity


Theological Seminary


Master of Divinity, MDiv: Theology

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Fernando L. Canale


Problem Science (and also the myths concerning science) plays a dom inant role in contem porary society. In this study, the epistemological implications of quantum physics were investigated in order to clear aw ay some of the m yths concerning science. Method Q uantum mechanics was studied. After analyzing the basic postulates of quantum mechanics, several interpretations of the theory were examined. From quantum mechanics and its interpretations several epistemological implications were drawn. Results Several m yths concerning science were identified. These include perm anence of science, reductionism, determinism, absoluteness of logic, subject-object dichotomy, and the reality of the objects of a scientific model. Conclusions It is im portant for theologians to be aware of the m yths concerning science. The main benefit of quantum mechanics for theologians is in clearing away these myths firom the metaphysical conceptual space of theology.

Subject Area

Religion and science., Quantum theory.

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