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Master of Arts


Theological Seminary


Religion, MA: Archaeology

First Advisor

J. Bjornar Storfjell


Problem The origin of the alphabet has been a puzzle for scholars since Herodotus. Although there are today many theories concerning the origin and transmission of the alphabet to the Greeks, this subject is ctill debated. New archeological findings are brought to light every year, and the increase of knowledge of the script used in the Mediterranean world may support or oppose the current hypotheses. Therefore this subject should be reviewed anew in the light of these facts. Methodology A review of selected literature was made to determine the actual state of this subject. A paleographic study was done, based on paleographic materials found in the area under study. Conclusions The Pseudo-Hieroglyph script was the mediator between the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, and the transmission of the alphabet to the Greeks took place in three progressive stages.

Subject Area

Alphabet--History., Writing--History.