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Master of Science

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Winston Craig


Problem. Over the past century, the age of menarche has consistently declined in the United States and globally. Obesity has also increased by 82% globally over the past 20 years. Obesity, as measured by BMI percentiles in children, may contribute to the declining age of menarche. -- Method. Adolescent girls ages 12-19 were examined in California and Michigan. Physical development and the age of menarche were assessed through an online questionnaire. Height and weight measurements were taken at a clinic and converted to BMI percentile values. -- Results. A negative correlation was observed between BMI percentile values and the age of menarche in the participants. For every increase in BMI percentile, menarche was attained 3 days earlier. -- Conclusion. Obesity may play a role in the early attainment of menarche, as measured by BMI percentile values. Females with higher percentile values may attain menarche earlier than females with lower values.

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Menarche., Body mass index., Obesity., Teenage girls--California--Research., Teenage girls--Michigan--Research.

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