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Master of Arts


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Religion, MA

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Statement of the problem

It is the purpose of this study to formulate a concept of the will, as derived from the writings of Mrs. Ellen G. White, that will enable more effective regulation of moral behavior, in self and in others. The problem will be divided into the following phases t (1) In what sense is man free? (2) What is the will? (3) How does the will function in the process of salvation?

Importance of the study

This study is not speculative. It has a practical end in view. It attempts to solve some of the problems that face the Seventh-day Adventist worker in his everyday service for God. It is hoped that the utilitarian approach does not distort the quality of the research. Every effort has been made to portray a theory that is consistent, logical, and inclusive, and one that will have as its first requirement usability.

This study aims therefore to make some contribution to the handling of problems that confront the minister in counseling. This will be especially true in defining the responsibility of the individual. The sinner who misunderstands his responsibility often takes a load of guilt upon himself which is crushing in its effect. Another person, less sensitive, might explain away his misbehavior by citing his heredity and environment, and lightly insist that he is not responsible.

In summary there are two concentrations of need for an understanding of the function of the will . First, every individual needs to know how the will is to be used in his own conversion and preparation for a place in the kingdom. Second, the minister needs a technical understanding of the theoretical concepts in order to do more effective counseling.

Subject Area

Will; White, Ellen G., 1827-1915--Views on the will; Free will and determinism--Religious aspects--Seventh-day Adventists


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