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An important concern of educators today is the prevalence of children with reading disabilities. There are many methods and materials with which to help these children. The problem is to coordinate some of these techniques and to find the best approach. Therefore, the purpose of this project was to combine the best from a number of methods into a new set of useable materials for learning disabled children.


Several books and materials on teaching learning disabled children were read for background and information. Ideas obtained from the methods studied were then combined to form three different types of job sheets: (a) Auditory-Visual-Tactile reinforcement (AVT Method), (b) Visual-Auditory- Kinesthetic-Tactile reinforcement (VAKT Method-reading, tracing, and writing), and (c) additional reinforcement (workbook-type exercises). A Teacher's Manual was prepared to help the teacher use these materials more effectively. It includes instructions and dictation sentences.


The Supplementary Job Sheets in this project can be very profitable for the learning disabled child since they are multisensory and carefully structured. Each new lesson is built on the preceding lessons. Success experiences are made possible because there is no guessing. The child is not held responsible for words with sounds he has not yet had. New sounds are learned, and consonant-vowel blending becomes natural through the use of the adapted AVT (Auditory, Visual, Tactile) job sheets. Each new sound is then reinforced with the VAKT (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile) job sheets. For further reinforcement, workbook-type job sheets are provided. The whole child is involved in learning to read as he does these exercises.

It is recommended that other materials be developed and included in this handbook. Some suggestions are reading comprehension, vocabulary, alphabet, dictionary, and affix exercises, more syllabication and spelling rule job sheets, and perceptual and readiness activities. For diagnostic purposes, an informal inventory may be prepared to accompany the checklist in this project.

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Reading disability; Reading (Elementary); Learning disabilities

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