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Much emphasis is being placed on the teaching of reading today, and yet students are still needing remedial help. The author's interest in the vocabulary comparability of basal reading textbooks began when trying to place a remedial student into a corresponding level in another basal series—there was no way to know if the vocabulary levels corresponded.

Through professional discussions with others it was found that many had faced this same problem with two types of students: l) Those transferring to a new school from a school system using another basal series; and, 2) Those needing additional remedial help. This study explores the possibility of obtaining a vocabulary correlation between basal reading series.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to establish a method which can be used to place a student into a new basal series by using the information from a past basal series. The needed information for the past series would be the basal series name, the level, and the page in the book the child has last successfully finished. By knowing these factors, and using them in connection with the chart given, the teacher will be able to determine at what point the student is in the new series. --

Limitations of the Study

The study will be based only on vocabulary and where it is presented first in each series' teacher's guide. This will exclude comprehension, phonics, and other materials introduced in the series. It will also in some series exclude the words which the authors call "decodable". To be totally accurate each series would need to be completely typed into, and then analysed by, the computer. While the study and method of placement will cover grades K to 3 inclusive, it will not cover material beyond this level. Also, there are only five basal series represented, and in these only one edition of the series.

Subject Area

Reading--Ability testing; Reading--Study and teaching; Vocabulary; Basal reading instruction

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