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Master of Arts


College of Education and International Services


Education, Curriculum and Instruction, MA

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Ruth Murdoch

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E. Stanley Chace

Third Advisor

F. E. J. Harder


The purpose of this study was to determine the relative efficacy of selected drugs in reducing the hyperactivity end increasing the attention span of a ten-year old child who had been medically diagnosed as having brain damage.

The evaluation of the effects of three drugs, Chlordiazepoxide (librium), Fluphenasine Hydrochloride (Prolixin), Thioridazine (Mellaril), and a combination of Mellaril and Methylphenidate Hydrochloride (Ritalin), was made by a psychiatrist after consideration of (1) written observations of the child’s school activities during a two-hour period, (2) a tabulation of data based on the observations, (3) reports made by the parents and teacher of the child, and (k) interviews with the subject.

This study is important, too, because the child Involved needs help toward living as normal a life as possible. The individual’s behavior drew the attention of her family, her teachers, and her associates. Because it was so abnormal, medical and psychological help were sought for her. The psychiatrist administering the drugs felt that a study would be beneficial.

Inasmuch as little controlled experimentation has been done in this area, the study Is potentially significant. It might be indicative of future help for the individuals suffering from brain damage and those most directly concerned with helping them.

Subject Area

Psychopharmacology; Brain-damaged children--Psychological testing

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