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Master of Arts


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Education, Curriculum and Instruction, MA

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Raymond S. Moore

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Mercedes H. Dyer

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Marilyn J. Christian


The purpose of this Study la to compare the conclusions of modern psychology and present-day medical understanding with what has been written by Mrs. Ellen G, White cm the subject of the relation of mind and body. Texts of Scripture and Bible examples will also be used. Much material has cone into existence since the volumes of Mrs, White's writings appeared, yet the principles they portray are as up-to-date and as applicable as those In current literature* This author also points out warnings and dangers which apply to present principles of psychology.

The study of this subject is Important because "as we near the close of time, the human mind Is more readily affected by Satan’s devices". A study of this problem is also justified as a part of Christian education.

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Mind and body; White, Ellen Gould Harmon, 1827-1915--Views on mind and body; Sin--Psychological aspects

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