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Master of Science


College of Arts and Sciences

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Carlos Biaggi

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Tevni Grajales



This research seeks to determine if the microcredits delivered in the city of Chajari present a significant difference compared to the city of Paraná during the period 2016 to 2018, in the use by gender, in the amount of the microcredits and re-credits delivered, their amount and the level of debt cancellation.


Secondary data loaded in the Provincial System and database of the Microcredit Program of Entre Ríos, Argentina were used to analyzed 454 microcredit records of which 383 correspond to the city of Paraná and 71 to the city of Chajari during the 2016-2018 period. For data analysis descriptive statistics and t-test for independent samples were used.


In regards to the use of microcredits by gender, it is observed in both Paraná (22.7% male and 77.3% female) and Chajari (22.5% male and 77.5% female) a grater use of the tool by the female gender. Proportionallly in Paraná (Population = 247, 863, Credits = 383) 0.15% used the tool compared to Chajari (Population = 34,484, Credits = 71) 0.20 % which was higher. The t-tests reflect that the microcredits and re-credits do not show significant differences between the two cities. There are no significant differences in the return of Microcredits and Re-credits.


The results reflect that microcredits are more exploited by the female gender. The ratio of the number of inhabitants per number of microcredits granted by location indicates that the city of Chajarí has a higher percentage of use of the microcredit tool than the city of Paraná. The amount of re-credits granted in Paraná were greater but the statistical tests do not reflect significant differences between the two cities. The state of cancellation of debts of microcredits, re-credits and re-credits granted in the cities of Paraná and Chajarí do not present significant differences.

Subject Area

Microfinance--Argentina--Comparative studies; Credit--Argentina--Comparative studies; Loans--Argentina--Comparative studies