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Religion, MA: Church History

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Frank H. Yost


In the development and growth of the denomlnation of Seventh-day Adventists, the names of six or eight individuals appear as exerting unusual influence. Qne of these was Uriah Smith, and because of his position as editor, writer, and preacher for half a century, it seemed of value to examine his relationship to this religious body, and more particularly, to their periodical, The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, which he edited for forty-seven years,

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Included in this study is a consideration of the influences in his early years which led Smith to accept the teachings of Seventh-day Adventists. A brief survey was made of his home life in Battle Creek, Michigan, after he became editor of the paper, One chapter was devoted to his editorship, which was followed by a discussion of his gift as a writer. Since he was not indifferent to political issues, it seemed worthwhile to examine his views on this subject, During Smith's lifetime the Seventh-day Adventist denomination was largely under the leadership of Mrs. Ellen G. White. A chapter was written on Smith's relationship to her world, This was followed by a survey of his attitude toward some controversial tenets of the Adventist movement. An estimation of his character and of his contribution to the denomination he served is found in the closing chapter of this thesis.

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Smith, Uriah, 1832-1903; Seventh-day Adventists--Biography; Seventh-day Adventists--History

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