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Master of Arts


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Religion, MA

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Laurentiu Florentin Mot

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Zoltan Szallos-Farkas



The aspects related to the time of the Second Coming of Jesus were a constant concern of the believers and Bible’s scholars. There are many challenging verses in the Scripture that are talking about the Parousia in temporal terms. This present study was to determine to what extend Jesus’ answer before the Sanhedrin (Matt 26:64) was related to the time of the Parousia and with that generation of his accusers.


An historical perspective over the process of date setting for the Parousia and over the eschatological theology create the framework for understanding the problem of Parousia’s time. The exegetical study of verse 64 in Matthew 26 answers the question about what Jesus intended to say before the Sanhedrin referring to his Second Coming.


The study reveals that even if Jesus is using an eschatological language, he is not saying that his return on the clouds of heaven will happen in the members of the Sanhedrin’s generation. The emphasis of Jesus’ sayings is not on the time, but on the fact that the Parousia will happen for sure, and the accusers will see him coming. Therefore, the verse is not talking about a certain time, but about a certain event.

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Second Advent; Sanhedrin

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