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Master of Arts


Leadership, MA

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Eliseu Nevil Menegusso

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Josmar Arrais de Matos

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Gustavo Gregorutti



Considering that Southern Minas Conference (AMS) growth rate is lower than other fields within the Brazilian Southeast Union (USEB) an investigation was conducted regarding the organizational health, the practices and styles of leadership, as well as the job satisfaction level among AMS pastors.


The study was conducted among 46 pastors who represent three levels of leadership: Top Leadership, Management and Work Force as established by the research instrument Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) that analyses the perception of the participants regarding six key areas of leadership, six levels of organizational health, and job satisfaction level of the Work Force, which was also divided in two groups: ordained and aspiring pastors.


The study revealed that the participants perceived the AMS organizational health as limited, the leadership style as paternalistic negative, whereas the whole Work Force considered as good the level of job satisfaction. It was also detected that the aspiring pastors perceived the organizational health as moderate and the leadership style as paternalistic positive, whereas the ordained pastors perceived the two aspects as limited and paternalistic positive respectively.


Through the present research it is possible to conclude that AMS has two main challenges to face: promote growth regarding organizational health towards moderate, excellent and optimal levels, and development regarding leadership style from paternalistic negative towards paternalistic positive and servant leadership. As for job satisfaction, though considered as good, there is also space for growth towards very good.

Subject Area

Servant leadership; Organizational behavior; Job satisfaction; Seventh-day Adventists--Clergy; South Minas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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