Date of Award

Summer 7-3-2014

Document Type



Engineering & Computer Science

First Advisor

Hyun Kwon Ph. D.


The VeinViewer, produced by the Luminetx Corporation, projects an image of subcutaneous veins onto the surface of the skin by using the discovery that near infrared (NIR) light passes through and transmits back out of the skin issue except at the blood vessels as a result of the presence of hemoglobin1. We aim to improve the function of the VeinViewer by using computational models to interpret changes in properties of the subject,such as skin pigmentation, and settings on the device, such as light frequency. We also look to decrease error, as a result of the geometry of veins and the multiple layers of skin. A finite element model implementation the diffusion approximation of the radiation transfer equation fulfill the role in part, but questions of boundary conditions and the description of the source need clarification.