Date of Award

Summer 7-3-2014

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First Advisor

Stan Beikmann

Second Advisor

Oystein LaBianca, PhD


Two global challenges are Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Clean Water. Jordan-Arab region could face severe water crisis by 2015. (7) The indigenous methods of harvesting and storing of rainwater in Jordan have been practiced for 4000 years. Archaeologists working in Jordan confirmed that in the past, the local population depended on cisterns, terraces and dams to obtain their annual water needs which included agricultural irrigation and domestic supply. This research provides a design of landscape exhibits with educational “storyboards” for indoor exhibit. Design of models of reservoirs and water conservation holding areas will be part of interpretive educational signage to incorporate archeological investigation and promote information for Jordanian people in their quest for solutions of this problem.

The models will also serve as site drawings for constructing outdoor demonstrations at the proposed Nebulsi Agricultural and Archaeological Center during the 2014 Jordan Field School.

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