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It is so easy to live or work alongside someone for many years and not really know them. I have always been inspired by the energy, passion and cheerfulness of our director of University Health & Wellness, Dominique Gummelt, but I have never spent time getting to know her. This week I decided it was time to change that reality. I am glad I did. As she shared her story with me, I discovered some interesting facts. Dominique came to the United States as an exchange student at age 16 and has lived here since that time. Life had been difficult in her home country of Germany for the previous few years, and she had found her escape in competitive sport. She started, for example, to play tennis at age 5, so by the time she came to the U.S. she was already a competitive player. And she was clearly very good, as after finishing high school she was recruited to play for a college in California, soon rising to be their number one player. Dominique was also a skier and competed in both downhill and slalom. Dominique’s journey from competitive sport to her current position started after her adult conversion as a college sophomore, the result of watching Dwight Nelson on NET ‘98. That led her to make some important decisions. And that journey has brought her to her lived conviction in the phenomenal potential God has given each of us and her passion for helping others live out more of that potential every day. But this conviction and passion have not been born without personal physical and emotional trauma. Let Dominique tell you more in her own words in Stories of Andrews at Thank you, Dominique, for sharing your story and your passion with all of us at Andrews University.

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