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Recently I sat down at a table by a storyteller. It wasn’t at Andrews; in fact, I was in North Carolina. But the storyteller has deep Andrews connections. A recent graduate, Jordan Smart, is now on the road as an Andrews recruiter. We had never talked at any length before, and soon it became clear that we had something important in common: a love of stories and a belief in the power of storytelling. So, of course, I need to tell you his story. Jordan was born in Rochester, New York, the child of Jamaican parents. His parents had a talent for observing his interests and nurturing them along. One of those interests was drawing, so along came paper and crayons, and soon random drawing turned to piles of pictures that in turn became an opportunity to tell a story through pictures. Jordan was sure he was going to be a cartoonist or a photojournalist. Now move forward a few years—graduating with a degree in psychology and being an Andrews recruiter may seem a long way from that goal of a cartoonist. But read Jordan’s full story at andrews.edu/stories and see how storytelling has remained to him a powerful tool to make a difference. Thank you, Jordan, for sharing your talents with Andrews University. Keep telling stories!

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Jordan Smart