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Outside the weather is gloomy. Summer has given way to a cold and cloudy fall day, yet my office is filled with exuberance and joy. Christian Guana-Jarrin, an MDiv student here at Andrews, was one of the first two missionaries to serve Cuba after 55 years of doors being shut to long-term Christian missionaries. He has been sitting across from me for the last 30 minutes testifying to what God has accomplished in his life and in Cuba over that past year. Christian’s face is beaming as he explains the acronym CDAR to me. “C” stands for committed, and “dar” means “to give” in Spanish. CDAR, meaning “committed to give,” is the name of a ministry that Christian started and organized while serving in Cuba. He, along with a group of young believers, began a ministry of giving time, relationship, physical goods and, most importantly, the light of Scripture to the local Cuban people. Christian’s eyes get wide and the excitement in his voice rises as he tells me about the container of blessings which he had the privilege of getting organized and distributed at the end of his year of service. Family and friends from Sydney, Australia, assisted in filling and shipping this container of blessings with an immense variety of much-needed supplies and sent it to the region where Christian was serving. The Cuban people are under rather strict rations, and most are surviving on very little. But as Christian became a local, he and the CDAR ministry prayed fervently for the container of blessings, as they knew the likelihood that the container might be confiscated by the government was high. He recounts the sheer gratitude and boost of faith he received when God protected the container and it was finally in the hands of the local Cuban people. As the supplies were distributed to those in need, Christian witnessed lives being changed a nd hope rising more and more in the lives of many for the glory of our awesome God! To read more of Christian’s story, visit Thank you, Christian, for letting your story be part of the Andrews story, for showing us an example of compassion, service and the heart of God. You and your story are part of the spirit of Andrews.

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Christian Guana-Jarrin