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One of my favorite Bible stories is when Jesus fed thousands of people. There are a number of fascinating moments in this often-used children’s story. For instance, what Jesus was sharing was so remarkable that people would stick around in spite of the most basic logistical consideration being unresolved: how they will be fed. Then there was a sound thing. Jesus was speaking to such a large crowd without any sort of electronic amplification. Most preachers today not only want good audio support, they also have preferences as to what kind of microphone to use: lapel, over the ear, handheld, etc. Jesus spoke, and people could just hear him. Finally, this boy is inserted into the story. There are several things to point out even though he is only mentioned as a “boy with loaves and fish.” I wonder what the boy’s day started off like. Did he plan to be a significant character of an amazing story that would be shared for thousands of years? What instructions did his mother offer to position him to be ready to be helpful to the Teacher? We don’t know. All we know is that a need presented itself and this boy was available. Being available allowed God to shape his journey, multiply his gift and bless thousands of people! Ale Pineda found her way into my Andrews story because she made herself available to impact this community. In this recent Hispanic Heritage Month, she stepped up, filled in the gaps and persisted to ensure a meaningful experience that inspired others. She used her gifts, and God used her to shape our narrative and multiply the blessings to this campus community. I invite you to read Ale's story at andrews.edu/stories. Thank you, Ale, for allowing your story to be woven into our story by sharing your gifts.

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Ale Pineda