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Most people assume that distance education students are, well, studying at a distance, removed from campus by thousands of miles. Tanya Thomas is testimony to the fact that distance education students can be close by, members of our campus community.

Tanya is an online student working to complete an AS in general business with a Certificate in ministry (Christian discipleship) and a BA in religion. She also serves as administrative assistant to the chair of the Department of Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness, is one of the founding ambassadors for the Share Your Andrews Heart initiative, and has been helping to teach children’s Sabbath School at Pioneer Memorial Church.

While Tanya may study her online courses here in Berrien Springs, she shares two of the most important traits of most successful online students no matter where they are located—persistence and a firm belief in a better future. When Tanya shares her story, her words are infused with the spirit of the apostle Paul and built upon the firm belief that she can do all things through the Savior who strengthens her. God has provided her with strength to face the challenges of being a single parent. He has provided her with the skills to manage responsibilities at work, and He provides encouragement as she works on improving her education. Tanya knows who is the source of her strength and the promise of her future. I invite you to read Tanya’s story in Stories of Andrews at andrews.edu/stories and be inspired by the evidence of God working in her life.

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Tanya Thomas