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Today I had the wonderful opportunity to discover more of the story of one of our faculty, Hyun Kwon, chair of the Department of Engineering & Computer Science. The conversation left me inspired, reminding me yet again of the amazing faculty who work at Andrews University.

Hyun was born as a second child among three siblings in South Korea. Her father was a police office, her mom a full-time mom. She was a high achiever academically and after attending an elite science track high school, she continued to the prestigious Korean Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST) with a full governmental scholarship. She chose engineering to study because in that area math and science are applied to bring positive change to society.

It was while pursuing her PhD at KAIST that Hyun visited the U.S. and it so impressed her that she decided she wanted to come and live here at some point. It happened sooner than she expected; Hyun transferred and was soon on her way to complete her PhD at the University of Louisville.

Up to that time in her life Hyun had been focused on academic and professional success. She never had many Christian friends in her circle in Korea and still thinks that if she had stayed in Korea her ego would have become so big she would not have needed God! And so started her Exodus experience: Leaving her country, crossing the ocean and facing difficulties that come with that kind of transition.

Read the rest of Hyun’s story in Stories of Andrews at andrews.edu/stories. Hers is a story that is part of the spirit of Andrews.

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