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If you are like me, then your first memories of Madagascar date back to 2005 with the release of the comedic animated movie “Madagascar,” starring several fun-loving animals. But for Professor Joel Luc Raveloharimisy, this African island paradise, located off the southeast coast of Africa, is home. One of Joel’s favorite childhood memories is spending time with his four siblings and his parents playing soccer and sharing stories.

The influence of his parents was instrumental to the choices Joel made in life. From the age of 8, he worked as a literature evangelist, selling books and seeing souls converted to follow Christ and become Seventh-day Adventists. As a result, he was able to pay for his education and has never incurred educational debt, though he has completed two bachelor's degrees, a master's degree and a PhD.

Joel has the lofty goal of alleviating poverty in Madagascar. Through fundraising, he has made significant headway to this end, and continues to utilize the resources he has as an Andrews University professor to increase the impact he and those associated with him can make on the people of Madagascar.

Joel’s influence reaches beyond the walls of Andrews University. His life and work demonstrate the Andrews’ spirit.

Find out exactly what Joel and his team have accomplished by reading his full story in Stories of Andrews:


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