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Carlisle Sutton was born on the beautiful island of Nevis. Before the age of seven his family moved five times and to five different islands of the Caribbean, ending up in Trinidad, and—no surprise—he developed a deep love of nature. A son of a pastor, his greatest love soon became Christ and he knew very early he would do something that would reflect that passion.

Years passed and finally in 2013 Carlisle’s early plans seemed to be coming true when he arrived at the Seminary at Andrews University. But it was here, sitting in a church planting class that something happened that Carlisle said changed his life: ZIP code 49022.

Using ministry profile software this son of the Caribbean becomes for the first time acutely aware of a small city called Benton Harbor, only 15 miles from Andrews, yet with huge identified needs, struggling with food poverty, drug and alcohol abuse and relationship abuse to name a few. Yet more surprising than this to Carlisle, the city’s affinity to Adventism was only 0.3% (national average is 0.5%) and yet remember—it is only 15 miles from Andrews. Carlisle immediately had a dream to make a difference, to do something to influence the stories of that city. What to do? After prayer and hearing a sermon on planning big, his dreams grew even more, and H.E.L.P (Human Empowered Life Project) was born.

So what has happened since then? You can read more by downloading his story.

Thank you, Carlisle, for being part of the Andrews story in this community, for sharing yourself to change the life stories of children in Benton Harbor. Your story is part of the spirit of Andrews.

Andrea Luxton

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