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The Holiness of God

The Holiness of God


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constantly awestruck by His holy nature. How vital, then, and necessary, that we, as fallen beings, acknowledge His holiness and seek His cleansing blood and righteousness.

The concept of holiness should help us better understand the gap between a God who is holy and a race of beings who aren’t — a race, in fact, of sinners. God is separate from us not only because He is the Creator and we are the created but because we are fallen beings. All this should, ideally, help us better understand that which Christ has done for us.

Whenever a human being truly encounters the living God, there is the initial horror of finally seeing the true depth of one’s own sinfulness. But God appeals to human beings to come to Him just as you are; so that we may become just as He is. No wonder the Apostle Paul said, “Let this attitude be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Watch this week’s Scriptural Pursuit to learn more about this Holy God who came down to the earth to show us the way to holiness.

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The Holiness of God