Scriptural Pursuit
The Two Covenants

The Two Covenants


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God made promises to His followers like Noah, Abraham, the Children of Israel among others. These promises or contracts are called the covenants. God fulfilled and met His part of the contract or covenant. However, more often than not, His followers failed to keep their part of the contract or covenant. Through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, God renewed the covenant with the whole world.

In summary, God makes it clear that He loves you and is willing to forgive your sins if you will accept Him as your God. God takes the initiative to save you. Your part is to accept His provision for your salvation: believe that Jesus died for your sins and accept Him as your personal Savior.

This week’s Scriptural Pursuit will further clarify and explain the old and the new covenant—God’s contract with His followers with the purpose to extent grace whenever and wherever sin is rampant.

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The Two Covenants