Scriptural Pursuit
Boasting in the Cross

Boasting in the Cross


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The Apostle Paul, aware of a group of people working against his teachings, warned the Church in Galatia to live by the Gospel (the Good News) he taught them.

Contrasting his spiritual approach with his opponents’ self-aggrandizing approach, Paul declares that his only boast is Christ. Recognizing that Christ alone shapes the mission and guarantees its successful accomplishment, Paul acknowledges that human effort, apart from Christ, is nothing. Christ is the beginning. Christ is the conclusion. Christ is everything.

Paul closes his letter to the Galatians with a strong personal appeal, rejecting any outward allegiance to custom and clinging only to the Cross as his reason for life and service, whatever the cost. Scriptural Pursuit discussion explains how one can cling to the cross today.

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Boasting in the Cross