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The Triune God

The Triune God


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Glimpses of Our God is the title of the studies that will be featured during first quarter of this year. January through March of 2012, we’re going to look at God, at various aspects of Him as they have been revealed in the Holy Bible, and at what these things mean for us on a practical level.

Lesson 1 The Triune God

The Bible informs us that God is One. But as we look into this fact further, we discover that this unity is the product of a harmonious relationship among Three distinct Beings, all equally divine and all co-eternal. While the atom can be, and has been (in contradiction to its name), split, this triune God really is the indivisible unity underlying all reality. An important aspect of the Oneness of God that is taught in the Bible is His utter uniqueness. Nothing and no one else is like God. Although the word Trinity doesn’t appear in the Bible, the teaching definitely does. The doctrine of the Trinity, that God is One and composed of three “Persons,” is crucial because it is dealing with who God is, what He is like, how He works, and how He relates to the world. Most important, the deity of Christ is essential to the plan of salvation.

How do Scriptures describe both the plurality and the unity of the Godhead?

Scriptures help us to understand that God exists in three distinct Persons, each with different functions. Yet, They work together as One. This week’s Scriptural Pursuit discussion will help you to further understand this Biblical Truth.

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The Triune God