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Inspiration is a strange beast. Where does it come from? Often when I hear someone sing a song, I am inspired by it and want to learn it. It speaks to me somehow. Just as often, though, I’ll look through a book and find something that looks glorious that I want to try. Other times inspiration comes from a conversation, a joke, or some other shared experience. This program is inspired by our shared experiences with the love of God. Fanny Crosby, blind since six-weeks old, perhaps saw the “visions of rapture” of God’s presence better than any of the rest of us in this dirty-mirror world. I have chosen her words to explain why I make music: “I sing for I cannot be silent, His love is the theme of my song!” This program shows many different facets of the love of God: His closeness, His care, His might, His empathy, His faithfulness, and His goodness. The music presented tonight spans generations but is hardly a whisper of the praises the universe has for her Creator.

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Spring 3-31-2023


Music Department


Berrien Springs, Michigan


Robby Raney, Voice Recital, Department of Music, Voice, Spring

First Department



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Robby Raney Graduate Voice Recital

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