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The Student Movement Volume 108 Issue 1: '23 and me: Welcome to the AU Family!
Anneliese Tessalee, Savannah Tyler, Colin Cha, Amelia Stefanescu, Nailea Soto, Daena Holbrook, Madison Vath, Melissa Moore, Brendan Oh, Nathaniel Miller, Sumin Lee, Corinna Bevier, Bella Hamann, Reagan Westerman, Lexie Dunham, Alyssa Caruthers, Anna Rybachek, Rodney Bell II, and Chris Ngugi


Panel Discussion--Question and Answer Time
Mordekai O. Ongo, Carlisle Sutton, Melissa Ponce-Rodas, and Ingrid Slikkers


Trauma and Resilience
Melissa Ponce-Rodas and Ingrid Slikkers


Grant Writing Training
Carlisle Sutton


Research Ethics
Mordekai O. Ongo


Friday Keynote Speaker
Joel Luc Raveloharimisy


Thursday Keynote Presentation
Robert Stewart Prouty


Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Faculty Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care
Ingrid Slikkers, Jenica Joseph, Dustin Young, and Curtis J. VanderWaal


Exploring Psycho-Social Training Needs of Pastors
Lloyd Hamilton, Curtis J. VanderWaal, Shannon M. Trecartin, and Dustin Young


Association of Intergenerational Interactions on Emotional Wellbeing
Ronda Christman, Bev Mayfield, Rachel Loukota, and Marcelle Angall-Leonce

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