The Challenges of Adventist Discipleship

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The missional activity that stands out in the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ is disciple making. Jesus called the Twelve and poured his very best efforts into them. When he ascended, the future of his church rested on their shoulders as he commanded them to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matt 28:19). Under the superintendence of God the Holy Spirit, disciples would make disciples until Christ returned a second time. The working definition of a disciple given to the presenters in this conference is as follows: A disciple is one who experiences continual transformation toward the fullness of Christ (1) in a biblically faithful way, (2) in a culturally appropriate way, (3) at the deep, worldview level, (4) in personal spirituality, (5) in personal life style, (6) in family relationships, (7) as a member of the body of Christ, and (8) as a witness to others. This working definition is very broad and comprehensive and the challenges of fulfilling it are great. Some challenges to making disciples are outside of the church and some presenters will discuss those that arise from specific cultural and religious contexts. My paper addresses some challenging factors arising from within our church and suggests ways to enhance our collective disciple making. [Introduction]

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