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This report is the first examination of the Southern Asia Division 2017-2018 Global Church Member Survey (GCMS) data. The research team worked closely with the meta-analysis team to ensure consistent implementation of the research protocol and consistent use of the questionnaire. A total of 2981 surveys were used from all SUD Unions. The findings of this document are an initial analysis of the data using the latest version of SPSS. The purpose of the Executive Summary is to highlight key findings from the study, which includes: 1. Summarizing the demographic findings in order to describe the characteristics of church members in this division. 2. Describing the religious and spiritual behaviors of respondents. 3. Summarizing respondents’ awareness of and participation in General Conference sponsored programming. 4. Describing members’ acceptance of key fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Institute of Church Ministry, Andrews University


Berrien Springs, MI

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FAR Report 2020