Submissions from 2017


The Impact of Gameful Design on Sedentary Adults' Motivation for Physical Activity and Physical Activity Levels, Dominique Gummelt

Publications from 2016


Earthquake Disaster Resilience: A Framework for Sustainable Gardening in Haiti’s Vulnerable Population., Ivis T. Forrester, Paminas Mayaka, Sherine Brown-Fraser, Norma Dawkins, Randy Rowel, and Viji Sitther

Submissions from 2014


African American Male and Female Student Perceptions of Pulvers Body Images: Implications for Obesity, Health Care, and Prevention, Sherine R. Brown, Mian Bazle Hossain, and Yvonne Bonner

Submissions from 2013


Food Safety Attitudes in College Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of a Conceptual Model, Rachelle Booth, Maggie Hernandez, Erica L. Baker, Tevni Grajales, and Peter Pribis