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Magnetooptics of non-Kramers Eu3+ ions in garnets: analysis complemented by crystal-field splitting modeling calculations

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September 2013


Spectra of absorption, luminescence, magnetic circular dichroism (MCD), and magnetic circular polarization of luminescence (MCPL) in Gd3Ga5O12:Eu3+ and Eu3Ga5O12 garnets were studied within the visible spectral range at 300 K. Analysis of the spectral and temperature dependences of the magnetooptical and optical spectra made it possible to identify the magneto-dipole (MD) and electro-dipole (ED) 4f→4f transitions occurring between Stark sublevels of the 7FJ (J=1, 2) and 5D0 multiplets in Eu3+-containing garnet structures. Quantum mechanical “mixing” had significant influence on quasi-degenerate states of the non-Kramers rare-earth Eu3+ ion for Eu3Ga5O12 in MCD due to forbidden MD transition 7F1→5D0 and for Gd3Ga5O12:Eu3+ in MCPL due to MD 4f→4f transition 5D0→7F1 and forced ED-transition 5D0→7F2. A parameterized Hamiltonian defined to operate within the entire 4f(6) ground electronic configuration of Eu3+ ion was used to model the experimental Stark levels, including their irreducible representations and wavefunctions. The crystal-field parameters were determined through a Monte-Carlo method in which nine independent crystal-field parameters, Bkq, were given random starting values and optimized using standard least-squares fitting between calculated and experimental levels. The final fitting standard deviation between 57 calculated-to-experimental levels was 0.73 meV.

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Journal of Rare Earths





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