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Doubly charged ion mass spectra of organophosphorus compounds

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May 1985


Doubly charged ion mass spectra have been obtained for 11 organophosphorus compounds. Methane has been used as a target gas to increase the probability of single electron transfer collisions in the first field-free region of an Hitachi RMU-7L mass spectrometer. In general, the spectra of organophosphorus compounds do not exhibit molecular ions but are dominated by fragment ions, many of which must be formed by rearrangement processes. A geometry-optimized self-consistent field molecular orbital method has been employed to compute energies and structural parameters for prominent ions. In addition, a diabatic curve crossing model has been used to examine the single electron transfer reactions responsible for intense ions in the doubly charged ion mass spectra. Appearance energies measured for ions prominent in the 2E spectra of organophosphorus compounds have ranged from 23 to 38 eV.

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Organic Mass Spectrometry