Publications from 2017


Better Together: A Collaborative Model for Embedded Music Librarianship, Marianne Kordas and Trina Thompson

Publications from 2016


Come, O Messiah, Kenneth Logan


Go, Songs, Kenneth Logan

Publications from 2014

Drama and Theater, Lilianne Douhkan

Music, Lilianne Douhkan

Sounding the Past: The Music in Between the Acts, Trina Thompson

Publications from 2013

La Música de la Iglesia a Través de la Historia, Lilianne Douhkan

Seventh-day Adventists, Lilianne Douhkan


Victor Herbert, Works for Cello and Piano, Solo Piano Works . Jerry Grossman, cello; and William Hicks, piano. New World Records CD 80721-2, 2011, 2 CDs, Karin Thompson

Publications from 2010

In Tune with God, Lilianne Douhkan

Publications from 2009

Musik im Gottesdienst. 13 Vorträge und Interview, Lilianne Douhkan

Publications from 2008


Reviewed Work: Funeral Chants from the Georgian Caucasus by Hugo Zemp, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Süpor X. A. O., Karin Thompson

Publications from 2003


Can Joy and Reverence Coexist? A Look at Worship and Culture, Lilianne Douhkan


How Shall We Worship?, Lilianne Douhkan

Music in the Bible, Lilianne Douhkan

Publications from 2000


Twenty Centuries of Living Hymns, Lilianne Douhkan

Publications from 1996


Historical Perspective on Change in Worship Music, Lilianne Douhkan