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Theme Issue: Environmental design Research (EDR): The Field of Study and Guide to the Literature

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Winter 1-1-2008


Theme Issue: Environmental Design Research (EDR): The Field of Study and Guide to the Literature. Kathleen Demsky and Linda Mack, editors.

Known by various names, the field of Environmental Design Research is concerned with the interrelationship between environments, society, culture and human behavior. The discipline requires inter-disciplinary collaboration in order to conduct basic and applied research. Findings from these efforts have had a major impact on architecture and design professions. The variety of names for the field, as well as the diversity of disciplines involved, presents a challenge for researchers to discover the richness of the body of literature that has developed. The purpose of this publication is to acquaint researchers and planners with the field of Environmental Design Research, and provide a basic guide to its core literature. The bibliography presents key works representing a variety of the aspects of this discipline through a classified list of monographs, pertinent serial publications, reference materials, and textbooks appropriate for study and research. Included in this work are three essays written by a researcher, a scholar, and a team of two practitioners with over one-hundred and fifty years of combined experience in this inter-disciplinary field of study.


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